The Great Seasonal Manga Forum!

The Manga Forum is seasonal event organized by Manga Club Enschede. Here we invite all interested individuals to share their passion for manga.

We talk about what we’ve been reading, and we also discuss a selected topic each season this time the subject of the season is DanDaDan! If you’re looking to meet fans of a series that’s running right now or you wanna shed some light on a forgotten relic, this is the perfect place!


Manga Club Enschede is the idea of Hakan Baykal and Vincent Hageman. Two dorks who enjoy: trading card games, manga, cats, video games and each other’s company.

They enjoy chatting about manga. What to read, what to drop, and why Vincent should start reading Bleach (he still hasn’t). In time they got friends involved and started meeting at regular intervals. The format always the same, one group manga we all read, and one you bring yourself.

Their friends introduced them to new manga and they got to know their friends just a little bit better as a bonus. 2 years later and they want to share this experience with others. To have a safe space in Enschede where any manga enthusiast can share his passion with other like minded dorks.


Got any questions? Contact us! Sent us a mail or join our discord!


‘Het Robsonpand’ is a cultural cornerstone of the Horstlanden-Vedlkamp area. With frequent art exhibitions, movie nights and workshops, it is the best place to foster creativity and meet new people in the neighborhood.

The Vierkwart foundation is the cultural force that makes it all possible, it is an art initiative that supports artists in Enschede with public spaces and platforms. We’re lucky to be in such a creative space and the venue is perfectly suited for a gathering of like minded individuals such as us.


Sign-ups for the Manga Forum are available on this website! Simply fill in a small form and you'll get invited for the next Forum Meeting. It’s that easy! During the Manga Forum, we will most often divide the crowd into small groups to talk about a variety of subjects. The program can differ per Forum meeting, but there are always two major parts guaranteed:


Every season we pick a subject (usually a manga series) to talk about on the forum, the first Manga Forum has the manga “DanDaDan" as a subject for example. We ask participants to read the first volume of whatever has been decided on as the subject of the season, so that we all have a shared subject. We talk about what we like (or dislike) about the series and give our honest opinions. You can share fan theories, give analogies or talk about your favourite characters! The point is to connect with others about a shared experience. So bring your knowledge of the subject, but also bring a piece of yourself! If you want, you can ask the group you’re in for 5 minutes of their attention to share something about your experience with the subject. You don’t have to however. If you’re more the listening type.


During the Manga Forum there will be time for participants to talk about what they have been personally enjoying. Everyone has the right to get 10 minutes of attention from the group. In which they can tell them about what they have read (tip: keep it a conversation and not a lecture). Bring your favorite series that you either just really wanna talk about or that you feel has been wrongfully forgotten (although we urge you to pick subject matter without to much distasteful content). And share it with the people around the table. Whether it be a comedy manga you really feel helped you cheer up during the pandemic, or an old horror manga that you feel needs more love. Don’t just come to the Manga Forum to give. Most of the fun comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone and checking out what other people are enjoying! Note down what other people bring to the table and check out what you think might interest you. It’s a good way of connecting with others and finding new stuff to read!



Favourite Manga: Dress up Darling

Community manager, cat enthusiast and the dork writing all this stuff. Vincent is the communications director and community manager of Manga Club Enschede.

Vincent, is thoughtful and passionate, and is always willing to hear what others have to say on just about anything. His job is both to manage both the outwards communications of Manga Club Enschede, and to ensure that it remains a safe space for anyone regardless of gender identity, race, religion or sexual preference.


Favourite Manga: Berserk

Software engineer, cat enthusiast and Dragonball scholar. Hakan is the beating heart of Manga Club Enschede.

Always interested and passionate, Hakan is the driving force for the manga club meetings. Hakan is in charge of webdesign for He also leads the design team or the marketing of the Manga Club sessions.


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